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Social Ranking System

Polygene's Social Trees feature includes a social ranking system that rewards users for their contributions to the community. The system incentivizes users to participate in tree-planting activities, engage with others in the community, and promote environmental awareness.
Points and Ranking
Users earn points for various activities within the Social Trees feature, and these points contribute to their social ranking. The higher a user's social ranking, the more prestigious their status within the community. This ranking is displayed prominently in a user's profile, allowing others to see their progress and contributions.


In addition to social recognition, users can earn rewards for their participation in the Social Trees feature. These rewards can include exclusive NFTs or other digital assets, further incentivizing participation and engagement within the community.


The social ranking system fosters a strong and supportive community centered around environmental conservation efforts. It encourages users to actively participate in environmental conservation, fostering a sense of dedication and pride.
In summary, Polygene's Social Ranking System is an integral part of the Social Trees feature, incentivizing user engagement and participation in environmental conservation efforts.