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About Our Charity

Polygene is committed to making a positive impact on the world and has incorporated several features and initiatives to support various charitable causes. The company firmly believes that its success should not only benefit its users and stakeholders but also the wider community.

Charitable Donations and Financial Department

Polygene's charitable donations come from multiple sources, including transaction fees and the token pool, with a portion of the tokens allocated to the charity fund. Additionally, users can voluntarily donate through the Polygene website, where they can submit proposals for donations.
The charity fund is headed by the founding team, with additional members to be added over time. These members may include early investors, asset owners, and NFT game players.
Ultimately, Polygene token holders will replace the founding team as the governing body of the protocol. All community members can participate in ecosystem voting via the Polygene website. Decisions are based on the majority vote, and rewards are given to the community members who win the final proposal.
The Polygene Foundation is responsible for overseeing the management of Polygene assets and the charity fund, ensuring their maximum value is reflected in the Polygene DAO. Its responsibilities include:
  • Purchasing cryptocurrencies, app tokens, and other NFT assets to promote the development of the metaverse economy.
  • Implementing mining arbitrage to maximize yield.
  • Managing unallocated tokens and assets.
  • Providing guidance on charitable donations and asset acquisitions, including any buybacks and future fundraising initiatives.
  • Executing financial operations, such as accounting, auditing, reporting, and taxation.
All financial assets are managed by the three co-founders using a multisig Gnosis wallet. Each transaction requires two or more hardware wallet signatures.